Stick to Your Plan..

From an International Student's Perspective

College life can be so overwhelming. Having a strategy in place as you begin your journey will help you ease the strain. Below, I will provide some tips on how you can successfully map out your college experience.

1. Master your Finances
It is critical throughout your entire college experience to ensure you have all your educational needs taken care of. However, it is important to try and avoid spending on “wants or luxuries” while in college (e.g., taking on a high car loan, or running your credit card to pay for pizza, groceries etc.). The college experience is a long journey, which may have many unseen obstacles. You may even choose to further your studies by attending graduate school, so trying to maintain your finances early on is incredibly important for you to be able to manage student debt.

2.Early Registration & keeping a stick note course-map

It is important throughout your college experience to understand how every class fits together toward your degree. You can easily build a self-made integrated map of your entire program and class guide to see which classes you need to take in advance. Early registration also helps you cut down on stress levels, if you’re lucky enough to be able to do so, by getting your classes lined up. If you can’t register early, still have your registration lined up and ready. Academic advisors will have more time to help and guide you if you are already prepared.

3.Aim for a high GPA in your early classes as they are easier

When college starts, in general the easiest courses are lined up first (with exception of the notorious “weed-out” classes). Make the most of this time to ground a solid GPA standing. Later on, the classes become more challenging and will require more effort. A healthy GPA as you progress will be important in helping you attract scholarships that can cushion your college bills.

4.Free Tutor Services: Use them!!

Not all college classes will be easy A’s. A quality college education is designed to give you a well-rounded idea of most disciplines. The most important thing to know about college is that no one is out to make you fail; looking for free tutors who can help you understand difficult concepts you encounter in your classes can be beneficial towards your success. This is a complimentary service offered in most universities—especially in those difficult science and math classes—but is rarely used by students.FB SU Logo


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